Gerber Is Sweet!

I love my new Gerber knife. It is totally handy, and small enough that you can keep it on you all the time. This shot was done with two strobes at camera left and right, bare bulb. No Photoshop (yes, that's why the string is still in the shot). Oh, and the best part of this Knife, pliers, screwdrivers, belt- hook combo? The belt- hook doubles as a bottle opener! Nice!

Beach Shoot

Last weekend was fun tripin' down to Santa Cruz with the family. Nick and AnnaKate let me take pictures of them. It was a lot of fun (for me at least :) This was a great location under the pier.
This is one of my favorites of Anna so far. More to come on Flickr. Check it out!

Used a large gold reflector to fill in the shadows. That's it! You just have to find somebody (like Nick) to hold it :)

Snow Fort!

This is the amazing snow fort my family made last weekend. My brother was in town for spring break and we took a stroll up to the snow. I didn't help much because I was taking pictures :)

For those that care (This is a photography blog right?)

-I set the white balance to tungsten, which gave everything a cool blue cast, and color gelled the strobe(in fort) with an orange gel. The ambient light was underexposed(no it isn't dark out) and I brought up the light on the faces with the strobe. Minor adjustments made in photoshop Cs2.

Yay! My first photography blog post. (Deven, I must admit, you helped inspire me)