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Tri - Perfection

Our latest product addition takes the practical tri-leg stool to a whole new level with mid-century styling and precision details.

Featuring solid tapered legs with elegant curves that intersect the seat using wedged-through-tenons. Although strong this woodworking joints best feature is the cool design it projects on the top of the stool.

-Available in Walnut, Cherry, Bleached Oak, and Gray Oak. Finished in a Satin lacquer.

-24”h (counter height), Table and bar height available upon request.

$475 - Oak, and Cherry Stools

$515- Walnut Stool

+Tax and Shipping


Mid & Modern

Mid-Century inspired dining table full of subtle details and beautiful lines. It seats 4 comfortably around its perfectly smooth oval top and the chamfered edge gives the table a light appearance. Under the top are four solid legs that splay out at a pleasant angle. Tapered along the whole length and with no sharp corners the legs are a nod to the Mid-Century era that has become a timeless category in furniture design.

Available in Walnut, Cherry, Beached Oak, and Gray Oak. Finished in a durable Satin varnish.

$1,400 - Oak, and Cherry Tables

$1,600 - Walnut Table

+ Tax and Shipping


Lively-Edge (1 Available)

Custom Live-Edge coffee table with steel legs. This Oak log was milled by myself 3 years ago. It was a wind-fallen tree destined for the firewood pile in my parents yard. It is very rewarding to see a piece through this life cycle. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did making it.

Only 1 Available

Top: Solid oak slab

Legs: natural steel with wax finish

$999 + Tax & Shipping